These Are The Hottest Royal Bachelors

(Now Prince Harry is officially off the market)

While Prince Harry was renowned for being one of the most eligible royal bachelors in the world, he was by no means the only one. If anything, his nuptials to Meghan Markle last weekend highlighted some of the contenders to take his crown, from cousin Louis Spencer to Princess Margaret’s grandson Arthur Chatto. Which got us thinking: who else is up-and-coming on the royal bachelor scale? From Prince William’s 18-year-old godson to the Scandi Prince turned model, here’s a definitive guide…

Arthur Chatto

Princess Margaret’s eldest grandson Arthur has definitely inherited her classic good looks, with the same blue eyes and full lips (he looks a bit like a more manly Harry Styles, no?) The 19-year-old is a fitness buff, constantly posting pictures of his workouts and gym-honed body on Instagram, and is in his fresher year at the University of Edinburgh studying History of Art, where his big brother Sam Chatto is also studying.

Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece

Prince William’s 18-year-old godson (bet that makes Wills feel old…) may be a member of the Greek royal family, but he grew up in London (the family were famously exiled from their homeland, although the deposed King Constantine did move back to Athens in 2013) and is now at university at Georgetown in the States. Clearly inheriting his famously beautiful mother Crown Princess Marie-Chantal’s good looks, Tino, as he’s called, is probably already breaking a few American hearts…


Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah of Jordan

Now that being Queen of England is pretty much a no-go, why not the Queen of Jordan? 23-year-old Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah is first-in-line to the throne after his father King Abdullah, and he’s very easy on the eye to boot. With voluminous dark locks, big brown eyes and well-kept facial hair, not to mention a body honed by playing football, we don’t think falling in love with him would be hard.

Prince Nikolai of Denmark

The first two things that come up when you Google 18-year-old Prince Nikolai of Denmark are ‘height’ and ‘model’, which tells you exactly why he’s on this list. The statuesque Scandi made his modelling debut at London Fashion Week last season, and we can see why, with his floppy dark curls, blue eyes and superior height. If you’re only in it for the money though – there’s a catch. The Prince has effectively been ‘cut off’ by his grandmother the Queen Margrethe, and he’s been let off the hook for any royal duties, too, as the son of the second son and seventh-in-line to the throne. Prince Andrew, take note…

Prince Jean Christophe Napoléon Bonaparte

Alright, history buffs, we know that Napoleon Bonaparte was never actual royalty, and that the French abolished the monarchy in the 19th century, but there are some circles in France who recognize the descendants of their famously war-mongering emperor as a member of ‘the Imperial House’. The 31-year-old great-great-great-great nephew of the famous ruler is fluent in three languages, and has worked in banking in New York, with his most current position being in private equity in London. So if the whole ‘being royal’ thing doesn’t work out, he’s probably quite financially stable, too.

Prince Mateen of Brunei

Brunei’s answer to Prince Harry, this 26-year-old is not only Disney prince levels of handsome, but he also graduated from military training at Sandhurst, plays polo and football and is a pro at boxing and Muay Thai. He’s also big on Instagram – boasting a whopping 892,000 followers – so we imagine he would be up for taking pictures of you on all your exotic travels together, too.

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