How Bella Hadid Does Covered-Up, Body-Con Fashion

Bella Hadid is no stranger to highlighting her waist. After all, the model has made an entire street style career out of flashing her toned midriff, whether she’s bravely wearing a teeny tee in mid-winter or taking a crop top to the airport. But Hadid has also found ways to highlight her figure in a more covered-up fashion with equally head-turning results.

Just yesterday, she emphasized her hourglass shape with a little help from Alexander Wang Fall 2017, Look 22: a pair of high-waisted, asymmetrically buttoned jeans and a cropped black leather jacket that played with proportions. Both pieces met at her waist, naturally drawing the eye to that exact point. Hadid then topped off the killer combination with pointy boots, a tight black scoop-neck tee, and a thick fabric choker that felt right for day or night—smart midriff dressing, without the naked navel.

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